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The most comprehensive, holistic view of your genomic health.

447 Genes

ONE single test for health, 
medication and lifestyle.


Drug Response

A genetic test to understand your ability to metabolize certain medications and prevent major adverse reactions.

80 Genes

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Feel Empowered with Your Genetic Data

The most comprehensive at-home DNA test meant to understand and prevent major health risks

Built with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology, a first for at-home DNA kits

Fully sequences 447 genes related to your health, drug metabolism and overall wellness

We deliver real, actionable results, with guidance from medical professionals

Learn the Genetics

Information from your DNA can be used to help personalize your diet, exercise, and sleep habits.

Learn your ideal diet and macronutrient content.

Optimize your exercise response and recovery periods.

Explore your innate circadian rhythm and find your ideal sleep patterns.


~10% of us carry a genetic mutation that may 
one day lead to disease.

Getting tested can help you understand your risks for cancer, heart disease, vision loss, infertility, dementia and more. 

Knowing your risk can help you take actions to mitigate, or in some cases, completely prevent 

these conditions.

Health Risks

Drug Response

Nearly 7% of U.S. hospitalizations are due to adverse drug reactions.

Getting tested can help you find out which medications work for you ahead of time.

Don’t leave your health to trial and error. Personalize your prescription drugs.


Main Reports:
• Heart Disease

• Inherited Cancers
• Infertility
• Neurodegenerative Disease

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Health Risks

A genetic test to understand major health risks and guide interventions to mitigate or prevent them.

343 Genes

Main Reports:
• Pain Management Drugs

• Blood Thinners
• Cancer Medications
• Antidepressants


Lifestyle & Wellness

A genetic test to help guide your optimal lifestyle in terms of diet, nutrition, exercise and sleep.

49 Genes

Main Reports:
• Diet

• Nutrition
• Exercise
• Sleep

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The genetic test that will have a meaningful impact on your life

The PhosphorusONE DNA Test

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How it Works

You provide a saliva sample

Our lab team extracts and sequences 
your DNA

Advanced algorithms analyze and interpret your data

You receive your unique genetic report

Build a plan with a DNA expert - a certified Genetic Counselor

Built by leaders in medical genetics to have a 
meaningful impact on your life.

Built by leaders in medical genetics to have a meaningful impact on your life.

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